1. Brent Walsh
    San Francisco, California
  2. Merriment
    Tyler, Texas
  3. Gatherers
    Bayonne, New Jersey
  4. Matt Pryor
    Lawrence, Kansas
  5. Wind In Sails
    Newport, Rhode Island
  6. HRVRD
    Charlotte, North Carolina
  7. Picturesque
    Lexington, Kentucky
  8. secret space
    Toledo, Ohio
  10. Museum Mouth
    Wilmington, North Carolina
  11. Waterparks
    Houston, Texas
  12. Hail The Sun
  13. Converge
    Boston, Massachusetts
  14. Idlehands
    San Diego, California
  15. Capsize
    San Diego, California
  16. A Lot Like Birds
    Sacramento, California
  17. Brian Marquis
    Los Angeles, California
  18. Fairweather
    Baltimore, Maryland
  19. XO


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